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Hurlburt Field

The military airport at Hurlburt Field is of great importance to the USA. Located in the state of Florida, this AFB serves as garrison for the AF Special Operations Command HQ and the 1st Special Operations Wing. The base is next to another one, the Eglin Air Force Base. One of the near-by towns is Mary Esther, offering many attractions to the people garrisoned in the base. The base serves for air force military people. It has a tremendous size of 27 km2. The base Commander is Colonel Brad Webb, a very skilled military master. While first being designed as an additional airport for the above-mentioned AFB, the base has evolved and was named after its first Lieutenant, Donald Wilson Hurlburt, who tragically died in 1943.

The training of troops publicly began in 1961 at Hurlburt Field. With special educational facilities such as the USAF Special Operations School, this base has many aircraft and they are all state-of-the-art. A1-E Skyraider, T-28 Trojan, OV-10 Bronco and many other can be found at the base. More good news is that the housing facilities are one of the best around the USA, although for the time being there can be recruited no more soldiers at this base. The primary mission of the base is to train troops; the troops are not that many at the site and the base has a total of 278. The base a "Without Fail" policy, although it has no stand-alone logo. The attractions near Hulburt Field are few and far between but taking into consideration the picturesque landscapes of Florida, there is still much to be seen.

The base trains troops in the field of air combat mission and close enemy encounters. Hurlburt has recently appeared in the news with its many humanitarian activities, but it has not been involved in any military mission. However, the historical importance of the base stays the same: co-working with Eglin AFB and training few, but good troops